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octubre 2, 2017

Colombia 22nd position on World´s Money Anti laundry Ranking

The Basel Institute is an independent Swiss-based center, affiliated with the University of Basel and non-profit, which works worldwide with partners in the public and private sectors to combat corruption and other financial crimes.


Since 2012, the Basel Institute has published the world ranking of the Anti-Laundering index as a way of measuring the level of risk of the different countries regarding the Laundering of Assets and the Financing of Terrorism.

The report evaluates 14 indicators related to regulation, corruption, financial sector standards, public transparency and laws, among others.

For the construction of the Basel AML index, a composite methodology is used, whose components are obtained through the aggregation of several available public sources, elaborated by institutions like FATF, World Bank and World Economic Forum. Each indicator is unified by rating them on a scale of 0 (low risk) to 10 (high risk).

The score for the classification of the countries is the following with the corresponding number of countries that managed to enter the different classifications:

– 3.04 – 4.9 (low risk): 33 countries

– 4.9 – 6.75 (average risk): 79 countries

– 6.75 – 8.6 (high risk): 41 countries.

Colombia in the last report obtained a score of 4.57, ranking among the nations with low risk against money laundering, that is, among the 22 countries with the lowest risk of money laundering in the world

This position ratifies the country as the leader in Latin America and the Caribbean, in Anti-Money Laundering and Against the Financing of Terrorism (ALA / CFT).

In the latter report Colombia is in a better position than the world’s leading countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Canada and the United States. In Latin America and the Caribbean, the best-ranked countries are Colombia, ranking first, followed by Chile, Dominica and Uruguay; The worst positions are Paraguay (No. 16), Haiti (No. 17), Bolivia (No. 23) and Panama (No. 30).

Here we leave you the list of all the classification of the institute of Basel, this one has an order of worse to better:


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